Night Music 音楽の隠れ家/10月14日「洋楽 」Beatlesカバー特集!


Night Music 音楽の隠れ家「洋楽」
今週はBeatlesカバー特集です! 協力:レノンセンス 堺マスターありがとうございます!

1 She  Loves  You Manique  Kessous
2 Penny Lane Kenny Rankin
3 Don’t   Let Me   Down Phoebe   Snow
4 We Can Work It   Out(恋を抱きしめよう) Stevie   Wonder
5 Here There And   Everywhere Sarah Vaughan
6 I Will 井上 陽水
7 It’s Only Love Bryan Ferry
8 Here Comes The   Sun Marcela
9 Back   In The   USSR Billy Joel
10 A Hard Days   Night Johnny Rivera
11 I Want To   Hold Your Hand George   Benson
12 In My Life Bette Midler
13 Something Paul McCartney&Eric Clapton
14 Yesterday Katy Perry
15 If I Need   Someone Hollies
16 Ticket To Ride(涙の乗車券) Carpenters
17 For No One Ricky Hirota
18 All You Need   Is Love Glee
19 The Long And   Winding Road Salena Jones
20 Golden   Sulumbers~Carry That   Weight Peter Franpton&The Bee   Gees
21 Day Tripper The Beatles Bakers
22 Yellow Submarine 金沢 明子
23 Norwegian Wood(ノルウェイの森) Grazyna Auguscik&Paulinho Garcia
24 Fool On The   Hill Ray Sepulveda
25 And I Love   Her Jose Alberto゛El Canario゛
26 A   Day In   The Life Jeff Beck
27 No Reply 告井 延隆
28 Panny Lane The King’s Singers
29 If I Feel Robert Flack
30 Help! Barbara Mendes
31 Got To Get   You Into My   Life Earth,Wind & Fire
32 Strawberry Fields   Forever~Help!~Give   Peace A   Chance Paul McCartney

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