Night Music 音楽の隠れ家/10月21日「洋楽」BeatlesメンバーによるカバーLIVE特集!


Night Music 音楽の隠れ家「洋楽」
協力:小樽市花園レノンセンス 堺マスターありがとうございます!

1 Come   Together JOHN
2 Let It  Be PAUL
3 If I  Need  Someone GEORGE
4 I Wanna  Be  Your  Man(彼氏になりたい) RINGO
5 Yer Blues JOHN
6 And I  Love  Her PAUL
7 Here Comes  The  Sun GEORGE
8 Act Naturally RINGO
9 I Saw  Her  Standing  There PAUL
10 Taxman GEORGE
11 Yellow Submarine RINGO
12 Things We  Said  Today(今日の誓い) PAUL
13 Something GEORGE
14 Sgt. Peppers  Lonely  Hearts  Club  Band~With  A  Little  Help  From  My  Friend PAUL/RINGO
15 Another Girl PAUL
16 I Want  Tell  You GEORGE
17 One After   909(Nine-O-Nine) PAUL
18 Boys RINGO
19 Lady Madonna PAUL
20 All My  Loving PAUL
21 Penny Lane PAUL
22 Piggies GEORGE
23 I’m Down PAUL
24 While My  Guitar  Gently  Weeps GEORGE
25 Blackbird PAUL
26 Here There  And  Everywhere PAUL
27 Hello Goodbye PAUL
28 Get Back PAUL
29 Golden Slumber~Carry  That  Weight~The  End PAUL
30 Yesterday PAUL
31 Long And Winding Road PAUL
32 Goodbye PAUL

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